Tips For Leaving Home

1)   Install a humidistat on your A/C and set it to cycle the A/C whenever the humidity exceeds 65%.  This is the most energy efficient method of ensuring no mold or mildew growth.  Check with your service person as to the correct settings for your type of unit.  And don't forget to put clean filters in you A/C units before you leave. 

2)   Water heaters left on in vacant homes are wasteful.  If no one is going to be home to use the water, you can turn it off at the circuit breaker.  The refrigerator can be set to the warmest setting.  The pool heater can also be turned off at the circuit breaker before you leave.

3)   Let trusted neighbors know before you head out of town. That way they know to keep an eye on things while you are away.  Tell them where you will be and when you will be back. Give someone an emergency phone number. Let them know who has a key (do not hide it near the door). Avoid unnecessary anxiety by letting people know if repairs or visitors are scheduled. 

4)   Keep the mailbox clear. Even if you arrange to have your mail "held" at the post office, there may still be door-to-door flyers and weekly circulars that end up outside your house.  Ask a neighbor to occasionally check and clear out your mailbox and front door area.

5)   Make the house look and sound lived in.  Set a timer to turn lights on and off. Maybe include a radio too, tuned to your plants' favorite station.

6)   Florida is famous for being the lightning capital of the country.  Unplug all electric equipment and appliances such as stereos, TVs, washers, dryers and even the phones.

7)   Have your smoke detectors and burglar alarm checked before you go.  It's a good time of year to have your annual service call.

8)   Make sure your golf cart is fully charged and then unplug it.  Check that the batteries have water too.

9)   Many people advise that you leave closet doors, vanities, drawers and cabinets open to allow for good air circulation.  For the same reason hang all clothing loosely in closets and do not leave them inside plastic bags.

10)  Do not forget the people back home. Send postcards from exotic locations or even bring back a small gift as a "thank you" for watching over your home.

11)  Be sure to let your neighbors know when you are back. This is a good time to offer to watch their homes when they go away, catch up on the latest neighborhood doings and pick up any mail.



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